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故パット・トーピー氏の葬儀には残念ながら出席することができませんでしたが、MR. BIGでパットと最強のリズム・セクションを組んできたビリー・シーンが万感の思いを込めパット・トーピー追悼の言葉としてしたため、彼の妻のエリザベッタがビリーに代わり葬儀の席で代読した文章をビリーさんが日本のファンにも伝えてもらえればということで送っていただきました。


Billy Sheehan's eulogy for Pat Torpey

Hello to everyone---it breaks my heart that I cannot be there in person. I'm so sorry. My sweet wife will be expressing my thoughts today.

Like all of you, I was shocked to learn that we lost Pat. On our last tour, I was watching over him closely, and very concerned that the motivation and positive challenge of getting up on stage every night was beginning to be less of a helpful thing for him. We had some wonderful times of course, but I could see a change taking place. I sat down with him several times to frankly discuss the situation, assuring him that it was absolutely fine that if he felt touring was too difficult for him, we can stop at any time.  He had a very hard time sleeping on a tour bus, and was usually quite exhausted. I know he felt an obligation to all of us to continue, and seeing him rise to that challenge inspired not only us, but of course many thousands of people all over the world.
But it was taking its toll.
And it took a toll on all of us in the band to see someone so tough, so determined, so dedicated, so giving and kind, with his relentless pursuit of excellence, and his unwavering persistence towards his musical and personal goals---to see him reduced by this disease crushed all of us, and left us in a state of helplessness.

Pat and I started working together over 30 years ago. He has been my closest musical relation ever since. His friendship was one of the most valuable things in my life. He was closer to me than my own brother. We had very parallel and similar lives in our youth, and that helped both of us to be of the same mind on many things, both professionally and more important personally. I am utterly devastated to lose him.

I remember how elated Pat was when he met his wonderful wife Karen, and how he confided in me that "this is the one"! He was right. She sure is. And how his face lit up brighter than at any other time when he knew he was going to be a Dad. I know of no more dedicated husband or loving father. Or solid citizen. Or better friend.

We will get over this. Things will settle out. Caring for each other at this time is of course, absolutely essential. That everyone has come together in love and respect for Pat is a positive thing in a very dark time. The outpouring of love, sympathy and condolences from all over the world have been overwhelming.

Rightfully so. Pat deserved all of that and more. Our love and care for Karen and Patrick Jr is boundless -- we are all here for you both.
I will remember Pat as one of the finest people I've ever had the honor to work with, and the privilege to know. Our lives and the lives of millions all over this Earth have been touched and inspired by him.  And will continue be. Forever.

God bless you Karen, and Patrick Jr. And all of Pat's friends and family.

Pat--You will never be forgotten, my friend.
I love you and miss you. May the love of God shine upon you for eternity.









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